Oral Appliances

MAXFACS offers a variety of custom-made mandibular advancement splints that can be easily titrated to optimize their effectiveness.

MAXFACS' premier oral appliance, the SomnoDent® MAS, has a unique design in which the upper and lower splints are separate, providing greater comfort and the ability to speak, yawn, and drink while wearing the appliance. The SomnoDent® comes in two models, the durable Acrylic and the accommodating Flex, allowing even patients with crown and bridge work to benefit from this form of treatment. The discreet comfortable fit of the SomnoDent®, along with the freedom of movement provided by its patented design, ensures a very high compliance rate for this appliance.

MAXFACS also offers the ResMed Narval®, the next generation in oral appliances. The Narval® is the first in a new era of appliances made using Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing (CAD/CAM). This advanced technology ensures precise customization and consistent industrial-strength manufacturing, resulting in a compact and lightweight appliance with excellent durability. The Narval® also allows its wearer to clearly speak drink with the appliance in place.