What are the uses of 3D medical images?

Three-dimensional imaging allows dental professionals to plan out their treatment for you before a procedure is delivered. This will often result in reduced surgical time and a faster recovery. These 3D images also give doctors insight into your anatomy, enhancing their ability to perform diagnoses and risk assessments.

What are the benefits of my doctor planning my treatment in 3D?

As technology advances, the need to settle for the limitations of the past is greatly reduced. In this new generation of improved patient care, increasing demands for safety, precision, and comfort can be met to provide outstanding results with your busy lifestyle in mind. Some of the benefits of utilizing 3D treatment planning technology include:

Having your treatment planned in 3D can shorten the time you spend in the dentist's chair and the number of visits necessary as treatments can often be simplified. When your treatment is delivered, you can have greater confidence knowing that your dental professional is experienced in performing your procedure and has a thorough knowledge of your anatomy.

Better Results
Improved aesthetics can be achieved with 3D treatment planning. Patients indicate greater satisfaction with their results when treatments are planned in 3D compared with treatments delivered using only conventional 2D scans. The accuracy of working with a scale 3D image means that the results of your treatment will be more predictable and better controlled.

Improved Recovery
When treatments are planned using interactive 3D imaging many procedures can be performed using less invasive techniques, resulting in less discomfort and swelling and a faster recovery. In some dental implant cases, virtual planning can allow your dental professional to create a restoration ahead of time and attach it on the day you receive your implants. Patients can walk away on the day of their treatment with a full smile.

Become involved in your own treatment. Choose from treatment options planned by your surgeon and presented through 3D software. Be educated with the visual communication afforded by the 3D treatment planning technology and make informed choices.

More Reliable Pricing
By planning your procedure from start to finish, your surgeon will know exactly what materials are needed and be able to provide more accurate pricing because only the necessary components will have to be stocked. Receive a clear budget for your treatment and avoid unexpected high costs.

How do I find a scan center near me?

Consult our Scan Center Locator for more help in finding a MAXFACS-approved scan center. If there isn't one in your area, MAXFACS can work with your local hospital or clinic to enable them to obtain the best imaging results.