Why should I use 3D software to plan my patient's treatment?

As technology advances, more sophisticated treatments become possible and the expectations for outcomes become greater. Treatment planning using interactive 3D software enables you to keep up with the increasing demands of your patients and to make the most of the information available in their CT or cone-beam CT scans. The benefits of utilizing 3D treatment planning include:

Safeguarding Your Patients and Your Practice
Cone-beam CT scans are becoming a standard practice because of their high accuracy and low radiation exposure. Using CT data to treatment plan in 3D is one of the best ways to perform your due diligence and to ensure that your patients receive the best possible care. Additionally, MAXFACS uses HIPAA compliant technology and provides secure storage of your data files.

Increased Savings
The services provided by MAXFACS are fully customizable, we can do as much or as little as you need to advance you toward treatment delivery. When precise planning is done by professionals using powerful 3D software, savings come in the form of convenience, reduced surgical time, and lower parts-stocking costs.

Precise Budgeting
Through the use of SimPlant, the cost of materials can be forecasted for any procedure. Plan simulations with up-to-date lists of implants and abutments, rendered to scale. Accurately price your treatment by ordering only the necessary components and avoid surprises in costs and the need to stock costly and unnecessary materials.

Less Invasive Surgery
Perform minimally invasive surgery that's simpler, requires less chair time, and allows for faster healing. Three-dimensional treatment planning enables you to accurately assess and make the most of the anatomy available to you. Flapless surgeries can often be performed for dental implants and bone augmentation may be avoided altogether through the optimal use of existing bone.

Enhanced Communication
Improve communication with your patients by using their own scans and presurgical treatment visualization. Visual communication is a powerful tool that elicits positive responses from patients and increases patient treatment acceptance. SimPlant can also be used to educate and communicate with members of your treatment team.

Building Patient Relationships
Build relationships with your patients by anticipating their needs and areas of future concern. Conduct future treatment planning and simulate the results with minimal time investment to encourage repeat business. Multiple treatment scenarios can be created from a single 3D rendering, providing additional value to each scan.

Converted images can be shared electronically between offices around the world, allowing you to collaborate with colleagues without the delays inherent in sending print images through the mail. SimPlant puts the information in your hands; easily set and change treatment parameters and compare plans to find the best solution for your needs.

What is the learning curve and commitment required to use these services?

MAXFACS makes it easy for first-time users to explore the benefits of SimPlant-assisted treatment planning as well as providing valuable incentives for returning clients. MAXFACS offers a complete spectrum of service options from scan conversion to full-service treatment planning with surgical guide delivery; any degree of involvement in the treatment planning process can be accommodated and there is no requirement to purchase a full software suite.

How long will MAXFACS take to convert my scans?

MAXFACS guarantees a 24-hour turnaround from the time we receive your DICOM files to when your converted case is available for download. In most cases the service is delivered even sooner.